September 14, 2021

Hello people reading this. 

This past week I’ve been feeling rather down and unmotivated. Not just that, I also got slight headaches in the evenings and maybe I’ve just been really exhausted from work. 

It’s this paradoxical feeling where you just kinda wanna do something and you know you got things to do but also just kinda sit around and think about life and the world for too long. 

Eventually I remembered something I’ve learned a few years ago and which has helped me quite a few times to reclaim my focus and get back to the present. Surprisingly enough this little exercise has also helped me clear the headaches I had during the day. 

Just taking 5 minutes out of your day can sometimes already seem stressful, but damn it is worth it. 

The main reason for this exercise is to get your brain to focus on one thing, your breath. Nothing else. Every time your brain wanders, you gotta drag the attention back to your breath. It often happens to me that my brain tries to think of 50 different things at once that it tries to work through with no order whatsoever. Doing this exercise helps me get into the right space for just the one task I want to do next or at least calm my brain down.

It’s simple. Pick a comfortable position, preferably sit straight and take 5-10 minutes to JUST focus on the timing you breath in and out. You can look at a clock if you like, or count yourself. 

I usually go for 10 seconds of breathing in and 10 seconds of breathing out, so my body relaxes from all the tension that has built up. 

Make sure to remove all possible distractions and just really take some time for yourself. Turn off your phone, put the “do not disturb” sign on your door, find a comfortable space and breathe.

This works because how your body feels strongly influences the way you think, what you do and how efficiently you do something. And I guess you could say your thoughts also strongly influence your actions, if you want to visualize it as a pyramid. It means tackling the problem from the bottom instead of the top.  (Although both sides can work of course).

If you want a really good in-depth explanation, check out this –> Ted Talk by Alan Watkins.

Let me know if this helps you just as much as it does for me. 

That’s it for today, peace out. 


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